Debra Lee 2019

Debra Lee 2019

Debra Lee, Piano, Singing, Songwriting 

Teacher, pianist, singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist, Debra Lee is a West Chester University graduate, with advanced studies in Piano Pedagogy,  and is  a certified Voiceworks™ Associate for the TOTAL SINGER method.  She teaches vocal techniques that enhance singing for all musical styles, pop, jazz, rock, blues, country, R&B, musical theater, choral, and classical. She is knowledgeable about basic vocal physiology and health.   She has taught and coached aspiring young singers, choral singers, hobbyists and professional singers.  She is effective in teaching techniques for everything from pitch correction to optimal vocal health, relaxation and performance techniques for both on stage and in the recording studio.  Ms. Lee’s  students and vocal clients have included children as young as 5 to award winning recording artists. 
A classically trained pianist, Ms. Debra, is a past board member of the regional chapter of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and continues ongoing piano pedagogy studies to keep current  and fresh in her approach to teaching piano.  Ms. Lee’s  piano teachers and mentors have included the late Mary Theresa Soper, and Marvin Blickenstaff, both recognized classical  pianists, educators, and pedagogues.  She is a skilled sight reader and has studied and performed classical music, and also has experience as an accompanist for musical theater and pop music.
She writes and  performs her original music, as a solo performer and  in the songwriter duo, Lyra Project (with Rick Denzien);  she sings professionally at events,  including jazz standards.  Ms. Debra is a background vocalist /studio singer  at Boffo Recording Studio, and can be heard on numerous  recording artists. CDs  She sings in the choir, plays keyboard/sings in the contemporary worship band, and leads children’s music  at First Presbyterian Church of Ambler, which hosts DenLee Music School recitals.
Ms. Debra is patient and caring, often integrating piano and singing into lessons and encouraging creativity through songwriting.
In addition to teaching voice and piano, Ms. Debra facilitates songwriting workshops as a co-coordinator for the Philadelphia Chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International).


Rick Denzien - Guitar - Songwriting - Recording Arts

Rick Denzien, Guitar & Ukelele,  Songwriting, Vocal, Recording Arts

Lifelong musician, award winning songwriter,  and  teacher,  Rick Denzien, brings his years of experience into each lesson with humor, and inspires creativity in students who wish to learn and  encourages creativity for writing  original songs.  He enjoys working with students as young as 7, teens and adults of all ages.    His teaching integrates traditional guitar playing technique and music theory; vocal technique and microphone technique for singers; and for songwriters, he teaches  song  structure, lyric writing, melody, rhyme, music theory, chord progression and voicing, and elements that make a successful commercial song.  

 Also a  highly skilled sound and recording engineer, Mr Rick’s students include aspiring studio musicians and songwriters, and students interested in recording sciences, engineering and production.

As a record producer, Mr Rick has worked with well-known bands, artists  and musicians over the years,.  He runs Bah-fo Recording Studio, affiliated with DenLee Music School, and Slot One Entertainment, which is a commercial recording studio.  In addition to being a talented guitarist, Mr Rick is a versatile musician who can also play keyboard, drums-percussion, and wind instruments.

  He offers mentoring to high school and college level students who are serious about music as a profession.  Mr Rick also has taught college level classes in recording, production and engineering and has served as a panelist at music industry conferences.  His experience also includes facilitating workshops on  songwriting and the music business.  He is knowledgable and experienced in music publishing and law, which he passes along to students he mentors and coaches.