DenLee Music School

Since we opened in  2001, we’ve provided a creative and “value-added” musical experience for students of all ages and at all levels with recitals, performance and recording opportunities, group lessons, special workshops and master classes, and more.


We offer lessons for piano, vocal, and guitar, for students of all ages, specializing in young beginners, vocal/performance coaching for students at all levels; songwriting; recording arts, and mentoring for high school or college students.

We are located  in the borough of Ambler, PA,  next to a nature park, in a quiet, safe, neighborhood with easy access and plenty of street parking.  The studio is a creative space that feels warm and welcoming to students and their families.


Students from beginners through professional musicians have worked with teachers Debra Lee and Rick Denzien.  Along with being experienced and caring teachers whose students have achieved remarkable results, they are also  award winning songwriters, performers, recording artists and recording studio professionals.


  • Singing Sisters
  • Rick Denzien - guitar singer/songwriter
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  • Halloween
  • Gabrielle Singing Student
  • First Recital
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  • CHildren Singing
  • Debra Lee singing at a live show with Rick Denzien

  • UN Choir Singers from China
  • UN Choir Singers from China
  • Teen Guitar and Songwriting Student
  • The Sisters in Vocal Lessons
  • Middle School Vocal Student
  • Recording Arts Student
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  • Adult Vocal Student

  • Grade 4 Piano Student
  • 5th Grade Piano Student
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  • Recording Arts and Sciences
  • UN Choir Singers from China
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At DenLee Music School, we strive to give students a total musical experience.  Not only do they learn to play an instrument or to sing, students  are exposed to many facets of the world of music, and receive the many benefits music brings.

Students of all ages receive amazing benefits of learning to play the piano — mentally, emotionally and  physically. Lessons are offered for young beginners from age 6, older beginners from 5th-12th grades, adult beginners or those returning to the piano, and piano as a second instrument.  Traditional methods are used for learning  music theory, reading notes on the grand staff, with classical and pop music (all styles)  included in repertoire.   Students learn at their own pace, and the lessons are geared toward  the student’s goals/ability and musical style preferences.  Auditory training to play by ear, creative composition, Group Lessons, Recitals for performance poise and confidence, are all part of the lesson experience at DenLee Music School!

Students are never too old to learn to sing and can begin vocal lessons as young as 7 years old.   Learn the techniques and “secrets” of professional singers, fix vocal challenges, improve range and pitch, and enhance overall performance. Students gain confidence  in preparing for auditions and performances.  Explore the desire of developing as a singer and experiencing the joy of singing .    Most students see noticeable improvement after the first lesson.

Students learn to play guitar or ukulele through auditory-visual-kinesthetic methods. Learn to play quickly and with ease, at your own pace, and based on your musical goals.  Lessons are available for beginners from from age 6, older beginners and teens from 5th-12th grade, and also adult beginners or those returning to guitar.  Added benefits of guitar lessons at DenLee Music School include recording opportunities, mentoring for students with an eye toward a professional career as a studio musician, recording artist, singer-songwriter, music producer or studio engineer.  Recital, performance, and recording opportunities are all part of the  lesson experience here.

Students have the opportunity to create music videos which are posted on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.  They can explore the “dream” of becoming a recording artist, with the focus on developing their own, individual style.  For students who wish to  pursue a music career, DenLee Music School is in the unique position of providing training, mentoring, and internships in the recording arts, including video and music production, recording engineering, and coaching for developing skills to become a top-notch studio musician.

Students have a unique opportunity to create original songs with award winning songwriters at DenLee Music School.  Songs can then be recorded, showcased and signed with the Slot One Independent Record label associated with the school.  Students with an interest are encouraged to explore their ability to write songs and take it as far as their dreams and desires lead them.